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5 Ways to Ring in the New Year

The Perfect ways to make your New Years Celebration Memorable

New Year’s Eve is celebrated best with a group of friends and family.  You want to spend the night remembering the good and bad times of the year and making sure the new year starts off right.  Here are five of our recommendations on how to make this New Year’s Eve the best of the best!

New Years Eve

Game night with your friends.  Round up your squad and have a low key night at one of your houses playing Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity.  The New Year will be rung in with tons of laughter and smiles!

New Years Eve

Pitch-in dinner.  Join together with your friends or family or both and assign everyone to a side dish, dessert, or appetizer and you be in charge of the main course.  What is better than mowing down on some awesome food and spending the rest of the night talking with everyone!

New Years Eve

Host a fancy party! Everyone loves an opportunity to dress up! Make an awesome playlist, have Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve playing on the TV, and spend the night dancing with friends!

New Years Eve

Go to the New Year’s Eve celebration on Georgia Street in downtown Indy.  It might not be Times Square, but it’s the next best thing!  Get out of the house and enjoy the music of local DJ’s and watch the Indy car drop at midnight!

New Years Eve

Have a sleepover party with all your friends just like you had in grade school.  Spend the night gossiping, doing make-overs and hair, and taking goofy pictures.  You will bring in the New Year surrounded by your best friends and having the best of times!

Tell us in the comments how you plan to spend New Year’s Eve!!

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