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Welcome to Sophia’s Prom

We are so excited to kick off the 2018 prom season on December 16th with our grand opening party from 10am-6pm.  Not only is it your first chance to see a bunch of the new arrivals form the 2018 season, but we will be giving $100 off to the first 10 people in line and $25 off to everyone else.  This is a HUGE deal! We wanted to give everyone a little overview on who you will see at Sophia’s and how the shopping experience works!

Meet our greeters and cashiers! When you walk in the door you will be greeted by one of our lovely greeters. Our greeters and cashiers are here to explain how our shopping process works, set you up with your stylist, help you figure out your size, and most of all make you feel welcome in our store!

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Michaela! I am very excited to begin working at Sophia’s. I believe that to customers, the dress they are looking for is more than just a dress, it’s a form of self expression and will stand as a reminder of their special event for the rest of their lives. I can’t wait to be a part of helping their stereotypical Cinderella moment come true. I am so thankful to join this team of what I already know are wonderful examples of beautiful, confident, and talented women and to learn alongside of you all.

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Megan! I really enjoyed the experience of picking out my perfect prom dress so I want to allow other girls that experience as well. I also can’t wait to meet amazing people along the way.

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Lilly! I am so excited to start working the 2018 prom season! Sophia’s is such an energetic uplifting environment.  In addition to finding the perfect dress, you will make a memory in your life you will never forget!  I can’t wait to be a part of someone’s life as they walk through those doors and to start their prom experience!

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Mary! I’m so excited to join the Sophia’s team! I look forward to meeting so many new people and helping girls gain confidence through finding their perfect dress!


How does the shopping process work you ask? You will be given three rings of the same color.  You will place these on the hangers of three dresses you want to try on first and you will leave them on the rack, you will then wait for your stylist to call your name.  At this point she will show you to your dressing room and pull your three dresses.  All of our stylist love getting to know all about you! After you have tried on your first three dresses and if one of those was not “the one” your stylist will pull you as many dresses as she needs to until we find your perfect dress!


Meet our Stylists!  Our stylists are here to help you find the perfect dress! They are the experts on material, designers, designs, silhouettes.

Prom StaffMeet Jenna! I have been a Sophia’s for 2 years now. I love working here because I get the chance to help girls find their perfect dress. I also love working at Sophia’s because you gain so many new friends that soon enough become family.

Sophia's Prom Staff

Meet Maggie! One of the many reasons why I️ love Sophia’s is that it’s a family atmosphere, you always feel welcome and excited to be a part of such a fun journey.

Sophia's Prom Staff

Meet Sammie! I’ve loved working at Sophia’s this past year because it’s more than just a job. You really do gain a family and it’s so much fun! I am so excited to be here for yet another successful and fun prom season with an amazing staff and family!

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Mackenzie! I’m beyond excited to be working at Sophia’s, next to some incredibly talented and caring women. I was able to find my perfect gown at Sophia’s, my goal is to help other girls to also find the gown of their dreams!

Meet Karlecia! I’m excited to start my journey at Sophia’s as a prom staff member of 2018! I wanted to work at Sophia’s to spread confidence onto all young women, and this is just the place for that! Being able to help beautiful women find that perfect dress for a special event, will be the highlight of my future work experience. Working at Sophia’s allows everyone to share their individuality and fun spirit in any dress.

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Shelby! I’ve been a stylist for Sophia’s since 2015.  Whenever I have a girl find her perfect dress at Sophia’s it gives me so much joy and excitement for their special day! I love how Sophia’s always creates a fun atmosphere for every girl that walks in that door which makes shopping for a dress less stressful on customers and a little more memorable and exciting! Sophia’s always has a unique and gorgeous selection of dresses that amazes me every time I come back for prom season.  There’s never a dull moment working with such beautiful and confident ladies trying on dresses they’ve always wanted or sometimes finding the dress they didn’t expect to get.  My job is to make girls feel confident in their self and there is no other job that can top this one!

Sophia's Prom Staff

Meet Megan! I love working at Sophia’s because there are few experiences as rewarding as helping young girls feel more beautiful than they thought possible. It may be just a prom dress to some, but to others it’s a boost in confidence and a memorable night in which they are able to feel like a true princess.

Sophia's Prom StaffMeet Olivia! I am beyond excited to begin working at Sophia’s. When I went prom shopping there last year, I was welcomed with hospitality and open arms. I really appreciate the body positive work environment, and the immense focus on customer service! Sophia’s is centered on making sure everyone feels beautiful! The girl empowerment at Sophia’s is amazing, and I can’t wait to join in the efforts.

Sophia's Prom Staff

Meet our Manager! Sammi is our prom manager.  You will see her running around on a Saturday making sure everything is going smoothly and occasionally popping in on stylists’ appointments!  On the weekday you will see her planted at the front desk diligently planning out all the fun events we will be having during the 2018 prom season, creating schedules, writing the blog, posting on social media, and occasionally trying on the beautiful dresses we have in the store!  I love working at Sophia’s because of our mission to make every person with whom we interact through Sophia’s feel loved, respected, empowered, and beautiful.  Our mission is apparent in not only the way we treat our customers, but also the way we treat each other within the store! We definitely differentiate ourselves from other prom stores through the excellent experience we give each and every person who walks through the door.


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