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Black Friday Shopping Survival Guide

Black Friday Shopping

How to cut out the “drop” in Shop ‘til you Drop

It can be a jungle out there on Black Friday!  Your shopping adventure will go much smoother and be much more fun if you follow these 7 tips!

black friday shopping

  1. Have at least $20 loaded on your Starbucks app! For one you will need TONS of caffeine to keep you going through the night. Secondly use the app, don’t waste time pulling out money or digging for you card in your purse: scan and go!

Black Friday Shopping2. Wear leggings and a long sleeve varsity crew or oversized sweater or sweatshirt. You will want to be comfy because let’s face it you will be in these clothes when you should technically be sleeping. You will need easy on off clothing in case you have to try clothes on.  You will also want to be warm WITHOUT having to lug around a coat.  It’s November at night it WILL be cold.

3.Wear tennis shoes! You may have to run to get to the good deals.  Tennis shoes are your best bet to avoid injury will provide the maximum amount of comfort for your night long shopping adventure.

4. Pre-plan your shopping route.  This involves spending the day looking through all the ads to see which deals you want to hit up and which stores.  Be sure to take into account what time the stores open! Map out your route of stores to optimize your shopping time and cut down on back tracking. ALSO get all your coupons printed or easily accessible on your smartphone before you head out for the night!  Don’t forget to add Sophia’s onto that list!!! We will be having 50% off all prom dresses form 12pm-2pm short dresses and more special deals throughout the day!

Black Friday Shopping5. Carry a large purse! You can fit snacks and water to keep you energized throughout the night. You can carry multiple layers of clothing in case you have to wait in line outdoors.  Make it a cross-body and that will be even better, your hands will be completely free!

Black Friday Shopping

6. Smartphone stocked with games and your favorite shows on Netflix to watch while you stand in the hour long lines to check out.  You’ll need to do something to take up the time.  Why not catch up on Stranger Things 2!

Black Friday Shopping7. Shop with the right squad!  Be sure to have super positive people surrounding you, because it’s going to be a long night and there is no room for Debbie downers!  Make the shopping adventure into some good bonding time. To maximize your shopping teamwork will be key!

Tell  us in the comments where you are planning to go black Friday shopping!

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