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Quick Trending Prom Hairstyles

Looking for a simple hairstyle to complement your attire this Prom? Turn your attention to the cute yet elegant updos to make this the best Prom yet!

You can never go wrong with the Chic Chignon! This style might seem complicated at first, but with the help from a friend it can be quite easy. You can find tutorials online to make it so simple! The stylish braided updo is always a safe style to wear especially while dancing the night away! Just begin with a front braid to the side and incorporate it into a romantic messy bun. For a more textured look, pull out some strands and add a few curls! These two styles can assist you in staying cool on that hot dance floor along with trusting your hair not to fall out.

Along with Prom, you can wear these gorgeous styles with a cocktail dress, casual flannel and jeans, or even a comfortable day in your sweatpants and hoodie! The possibilities are endless with these universal hairstyles!

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